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Current smoker

Past smoker

Never Smoker

Current drinker

Drinking Frequency
Monthly or less 2–4 times a month 2–3 times a week 4 or more times per week
6+ drinks on one occasion

Never Less than monthly Monthly Weekly Daily or almost daily
Past Drinker

Never Drinker

Symptoms (check all that apply)

a) Sore throat ⁄ caught in throat
b) Hoarseness ⁄ voice changes
c) Lump on one side of mouth or cheek
d) Lump in neck, behind ear, under jaw
e) Numbness of tongue ⁄ other area
f) Sore on lips for 2+ weeks
g) Swelling causing dentures to fit poorly

Oral cancer knowledge based questions:

I think oral cancer can be prevented
Oral cancer is a common cancer for Indian men
Ever heard of oral cancer screening
Ever been screened for oral cancer
Ever seen or heard about free oral cancer screening
Would you ever get screened?