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Oral Cancer Care- Improving Lives

Early detection of oral cancer is a key component for an overall oral cancer care, enabling  cases to be detected at an earlier stage, when treatment is more effective and there are greater chances of cure. The majority of cases are diagnosed in late stages, so early diagnosis of oral cancer is linked to appropriate treatment, which is the best option to reduce premature deaths and suffering due to cancer. Main goal of diagnosis and treatment of oral cancer is to cure patients or prolong their life considerably, ensuring a good quality of life. For a diagnosis and treatment programme to be effective, it must be linked to an early detection programme and integrated with a palliative care programme. Patients with advanced cancers, who can no longer profit from treatment, can get adequate relief from their physical, psychosocial and spiritual suffering. Other programmes should include of awareness, educating patients, family and community members about the oral cancer risk factors and the need for taking preventive measures to avoid development of oral cancer.

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